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Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators



The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) exists to support the work of the nation’s Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) as they seek to provide quality, relevant educational opportunities to large and growing numbers of underserved populations, particularly Hispanic students. All of the Alliance’s activities directly benefit practitioners and educators at HSIs through measures that involve cooperation, networking, partnerships, information-sharing, technical assistance and collaboration.

Members of the Alliance share professional development opportunities, find technical assistance for the implementation of Title V funding and other capacity-building projects and use an annual national conference as a forum to disseminate “best practices” for improving educational outcomes for students.

In addition, the Alliance also fosters cooperation and collaboration among member institutions in order to produce more competitive grant applications to federal agencies that provide funding for higher education. The Alliance will also act as a liaison between federal agencies and its member institutions.







AHSIE Council Members


Kevin Vichcales, PhD

AHSIE President


Jeannie G Kim, PhD

Vice President of Operations

AVP Operational & External Relations, VP Conference


David Trujillo, MA

AVP Stand Alone Institutes


Victor Davila, MA

VP Finance & Treasurer



Moises Almendariz, MA

VP Governance & Membership


Leticia P. López, PHD

AVP Organizational Development


Maria Martinez-Cosio, PHD

VP Journal