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As a member of the Alliance for Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), you can gain exclusive access to a number of resources that promote educational opportunities and foster leadership and success at Hispanic Serving Institutions. The Alliance is fully committed to uniting and empowering HSI educators by facilitating advancement through a number of support measures including professional development, networking, collaboration, information sharing and technical assistance. Obtaining membership with the Alliance is a simple process and can open both you and your institution to a world of invaluable resources. Learn more about obtaining membership below including information about benefits, annual fees and Bylaws Constitution.



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Benefits of AHSIE Membership Include

  • Advocacy Access to the HSI Library of Best Practices

  • Access to the HSI Directory

  • More competitive grant applications

  • Opportunity to attend and/or present at the HSI Annual Best Practices Conference

Event Registration

If you are ready to join the national movement to make higher education possible for all students, register for your AHSIE membership today by securing your spot with our annual conference.