Delilah Marquez

AVP Conference Sponsorships & Development

Council Term: 2019-2022

Delilah Marquez is a Title V Grant Project Director and a Co-Chair of The

Advocacy Task Force at Palo Alto College in San Antonio. She has worked

in other areas of federal grants, policy development, and non-profit

programming supporting the homeless population serving families with

children, victims of domestic violence and single men in recovery and

rehabilitation. She is a graduate of the City South Leadership Academy, a

member with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Emergency

Aid Network, a member of the Cross College Advocacy Committee, and

most recently a council member of The Alliance of Hispanic Serving

Institution Educators that supports the work of the nation’s Hispanic

Serving Institutions (HSIs). She is a first-generation student and strongly

believes determination and dedication can lead to opportunities.